Joni Bushfield

Through the busy full-time schedule of being a mom and a high school teacher, she has still maintained years of consistency. This has translated into great strength gains and increased confidence with the barbell over time. She is such a great example for other women and we are thankful to have her in our gym family!

 Tell us a little about yourself:

I grew up in North Dakota and graduated from UND. This is my 19th year teaching science at Lincoln HS and 23rd year teaching overall. My husband, Tadd, and I have been married for 22 years. We have 3 kids – Kallee is a sophomore at Augie, Anna is a junior at Harrisburg HS, and Carson is an 8thgrader at South MS.

How & when did you get introduced to Crossfit and what made you want to continue coming?

I signed up for a Women’s 6-week challenge back when Phos West was FAF. It was during the summer and I fully intended to be done once school started again. But, as fate would have it, my name was drawn for a free 3 month membership and I learned how to prioritize coming to the gym during the school year. Planning is a big part of my job, so I loved the fact that I could just show up and not have to think about what to do for a workout. The variety of movements keeps it fun too!

What are you most proud of having accomplished at the gym? What’s an area you want to continue growing in?

I am proud of my strength gains. I was well acquainted with the training bar and training plates when I first started! And I am very happy to be building muscle at my age. I want to continue growing by working towards that strict pull-up. I’m also very close to getting a 200lb deadlift.

How do you manage to stay consistent in your gym attendance while being both a mom and full-time teacher? How would you encourage someone who thinks they’re too busy to fit exercise into their life?

I have learned to schedule my workouts for the week like we schedule our kids’ activities. I also created carpools to help with running kids around and free up time for myself. I used to be one of those people who thought they were too busy to exercise. Turns out you do have time if you want to make time.

Do you feel like aspects of your time in the gym actually carry over into the rest of your life? If so, how?

Absolutely. Whenever I am looking at tackling a big project, I think of the Hero WODs or long “chipper” WODs and know if I just start and keep a steady pace, eventually it will get done. Embrace the suck and it will all be worth it!

If you could bring back any fashion trend what would it be?

I would say the trend I want back – is back. Baggy sweatshirts are the best!

What’s the most embarrassing fashion trend you used to rock?

I grew up in the 80s so this is an unfair question. Where do I start? Stirrup pants, neon everything, big hair, big bangs – just give me some Aquanet and a hair dryer!

And finally, What do you love most about Phos?

The community, of course. The trainers are always welcoming and knowledgeable. I love watching fellow members continue to reach new goals. It’s very inspiring and motivating. It’s a great way to end my work day.