We nominated Chris for a number of reasons, he always shows up ready to be coached, he loves feedback, always asks great questions, and consistently focuses on moving better. We are grateful for the energy and attitude he brings to our community.

Tell us a little about yourself:

My name is Chris Bohlen and I work for an advertising agency here in Sioux Falls called Epicosity. My wife Ashley and I have two pretty great kids Joey (4) and Lauren “Lou” (2) who some of you have probably seen running around the gym on Saturday mornings when they cooperate enough for us to get there in time for class. We also have a dog named Ace… Between the three of them they keep our hands full.

Why Crossfit?

I was introduced to Crossfit when I was in college. One of my roommates was a coach at a gym and talked me into going. I did that for a while took a break, then Ashley and I started going again and enjoyed doing it together as a couple. At some point we got busy with kids and life and it seemed like I didn’t have time but let’s get real I was not making it a priority. I am not sure why, but I just felt compelled to start back up again and I really wanted to give Phos a try. I love being able to show up and not personally, have a plan knowing that the coaches have everything planned out from warmup to cool down.

When do you normally workout and what do you like about that group?

When I started, I really wanted to be one of the cool kids and workout at 5:30am… Then the pandemic hit and I started working from home. I quickly found out that I could just as easily make the noon class work in my schedule and have been doing that ever since. So, you can generally find me at the noon class but I really love bringing the kids on Saturday and getting a good workout in.

What are some of the biggest improvements you’ve made since starting?

When I think about big improvements I tend to think about big numbers. I would say that I have not made a ton of big improvements but more so a ton of small improvements. It could be anything from foot placement on heavy lifts, eyes up, remembering to breathe during the workout – and being given these reminders by the entire coaching staff is something I absolutely love about them. I want to know what I am doing wrong or could be doing better. That feedback has allowed me to become more of an efficient athlete during a given workout.

What is the value of being a “coachable” athlete?

I know that I am not the best or the strongest person in the gym. However, knowing that and being receptive to feedback is important. It makes the coaches’ job a little more enjoyable and in the long run I really think it adds longevity to one’s ability to move and avoid injury. I know I am not getting any younger and it is obvious that the coaches know what they are doing. I just want to absorb a little of their knowledge to help be a better version of myself.

If you had to pick a vehicle or song that fit your personality, what vehicle/song would it be and why?

Ooofff, that is a tough one. You can ask coach Jessie that I can be picky about some of the music that she chooses to play during the workout. If I had to choose just one album, I would go with Blink 182’s album “Enema of the State” it has tons of great songs that pull me right back to high school and college that I love to work out to. It is upbeat, fast, and generally puts people in a good mood… things I try do, I guess.

What’s your favorite pick-me up food, snack, or drink on a busy day?

I am typically a black coffee guy about any time of the day. If I had to choose a snack it would be a meat stick, generally venison. It seems like a relatively healthy snack that I do not feel guilty eating throughout the day.

What’s your favorite “free time” activity?

I really love hunting… Typically in the fall I will spend as much time as my wife and kids will allow sitting in a tree with my bow waiting for a deer to walk past. There is just something about sitting in the woods quietly watching the world go past with nothing knowing you are there.

And finally, what do you appreciate most about Phos?

As many times as I have sworn at a coach while I am laying like a puddle in the middle of the gym after a workout, I love the coaches. Each and every coach that I have worked out with has always taken a moment to chat and to give a little advice on the workout. I don’t know what I don’t know about form and mobility and certainly appreciate the attitude and wisdom that the coaches bring to each session.